Whether developing a new juice blend or a new flavor of frozen yogurt, you can depend on our juices and concentrates to add the right amount of berry goodness. We offer 5-galon pails and 55-gallon drums of 65 brix organic and conventional concentrates.

Flavor, Aroma & Color

This product will have the flavor and aroma of well-ripened fruit. The flavor is robust and sweet, and the aroma is that of fresh blueberries with some earth notes. Typically fresh sort outs will be primarily a deep blue-purple color with some off-color fruit. There may be instances where no more than 20% of the product may contain berries of a red or green color.


Best used in juice manufacturing, smoothies, preserves, candies, frozen desserts, cookie fillings, sauces, flavoring (health bars), dressings for salads.